Soul Conversations Radio 6/10/16 Hour 1

New music from Chante Cann, and classic music from The Rebirth.


Gil Scot Heron - Enjoy Yourself

Otis Brown III - I am your song

Chante Cann - Da Da Da

Esco William - Warriors

Jarrod Lawson - Soul Symphony

Midnight, The Internet - Native America

Andrea Triana - Lullaby

Fertile Ground - Live in the Light

Jarrod Lawson - Sleepwalkers

Harvey Mason, Chris Turner - If I loose this Heaven

Greg Dean, Nate Weise - Like Rain

Sam Wills - Like Rain

King - Red Eye

Renee Neufville - Watching Me

Heavy - Do for you

The Rebirth - Journey in

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2016 Soul Conversations Radio Show