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50K Future Soul Mix

50K Streams Mix by DJ YZO. Thank you all for listening, Downloading, and Sharing

Stacy Epps - Receive (feat. Saharas Greenery)

Jaydabliu - Back On the Road Again (feat. Ruth Ellen)

BudaMunk & J.Lamotta - The Very Thought of You

Kianna Camille & AJ Rios - Fallin' (For You)

James Tillman - Lite

Blue Lab Beats - Don’t Let It Get Away (feat. Emmavie)

Jimetta Rose - Do You

Paul Grant - Get Back (feat. Adrienne Indigo)

Moonchild - What You Wanted

K.ZIA - I GotYour Back

Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones - Tinted Shades

Jimpster - Beautiful Day (feat. Cairo)

Fatima & Joe Armon-Jones - #1

LNDFK - Smoke - A Moon or a Button

Tally Schwenk & Mensing - Foolish

Donnie Freeman & NDO - Better Off (feat. Blazino)

Laroye, Abi Flynn - Rise

Parallax - Stars

Goldie, James Davidson & Subjective - Sunlight (feat. Lady Blackbird)

Goldie, James Davidson & Subjective - Dark (feat. Greentea Peng)


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